Lindsey Chester

Lindsey Chester is an artist, producer and entrepreneur in  Cary, North Carolina.

She produces the Downtown Cary Map, music and arts festivals, and is the managing partner of ChesterGoodtree.

As an artist, Lindsey leans into realism in her drawings, watercolors and acrylics. Her work has been shown at Industrious, a solo show at Page-Walkers Arts & History Center, the Mayton Inn and Cotton House on Academy Street. For more information, visit Lindsey Chester’s Art.

A dedicated community volunteer, Lindsey has served on Cary Parks & Rec Advisory Board, Cary Festivals Committee and Morrisville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Lindsey currently serves on the Board of FALC, the Fine Arts League of Cary. She is a 5-time Ambassador of the Year at the Morrisville Chamber, and a Hometown Spirit Award Nominee in Cary.

Hal Goodtree

Hal Goodtree is a filmmaker, photographer and musician in Cary, North Carolina.

A two-time Emmy® Winner, Hal has worked as a producer for The New York Times, James Earl Jones, the National Football League and Cindy Crawford. His current documentary, Shaw Rising, can be seen on PBS:

As a photographer, Hal has worked for American Tobacco Campus in Durham, Tri Properties, Northwood Ravin and Harvest Table Culinary Group. He likes to work in natural light and takes a documentary approach to photography of architecture, people, food and events.

In 2022, Hal started Chatham Street Records to open a door for local musicians to participate in the global music economy.